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At your fingertips

Use Athlete’s Cards anytime and anywhere. You can draw one card from the whole deck or pick certain categories!

Save your answers!

Your answers will be saved in the Practice Journal. You can revise them at any point.

Athlete’s Cards is an app for athletes, coaches, psychologists and everyone working within the sport context. The app was developed by a sport psychology practitioner with a PhD in psychology. It serves as a tool to unlock your potential and improve your mental skills, such as motivation, concentration, coping with stress, self-confidence.

Incorporate good mental habits into your daily routine and grow as an athlete and as a human!


Athlete’s Cards – a set of 50 virtual coaching cards with questions addressed to sport performers. The questions are divided into 5 categories:

  • Sports & me
  • Mental resources
  • Motivation
  • Coach and Team
  • Support

Cards can be used by an individual in order to improve own self-consciousness and motivation, as well as by a coach / psychologist running group or individual sessions. An instruction on how to use Athlete’s Cards is provided in the app.

Card examples


Practice journal – summarize each practice from a technical and psychological perspective. Practice journal allows you to know what you are currently working on, what are the areas of improvement and what your mindset is.

The journal is presented in a clear and visible form of a calendar, making it easy to scroll through each practice. At the end of each month there is a special “month summary” to fill in, which makes it even easier to track your progress.

There is also space provided to write down your answers to Athlete’s Cards on a daily basis.


Train your concentration – improve your attentional focus by playing our first game. Choose the difficulty level (24/54/96) and start clicking on consecutive numbers as fast as you can! Your time is measured so that you can track your progress and improve your results day by day, by practicing your focus.


For Athletes


Have your Athlete’s Cards at your fingertips, pick questions and save your answers.

Monitor the progress and improvement, evaluate your practice, set goals, summarize each month.

Improve the level of your concentration with our first game!

For Sport Coaches


Support your Athletes, include Athlete’s Cards in your practice, integrate your team, support team cohesion, Athletes’ self-consciousness and motivation.

Receive your Athletes’ saved Practice Journal entries!

For Psychologists


Include Athlete’s Cards into sessions with your Clients.

Receive Practice Journal entries from your Athletes.

Monitor your Clients’ progress in the concentration game.

For Sport Parents


Improve your relationship with your Child, answer questions from Athlete’s Cards together.

Monitor your Child’s progress on practice.

Increase your concentration skill together.